The Level Up Application

The Level Up application is the command centre for your Level Up module. The application puts RV levelling, EMS Monitoring and RV battery monitoring all on your mobile device. The application supports multiple RV profiles, so you can switch been them quickly and easily.

Supports Multiple Profiles

Voltage and Current Charts

Easy to Configure

The mobile application allows you to save multiple trailer profiles.

View the pedestal voltage, current, and frequency over time.

Simple to walk through setup wizard.

Lite and Pro

Pro Only

Lite and Pro


Easy to navigate, central dashboard, everything is at your fingertips.

Easy to Level

Over 250 measurements per second, accurate and repeatable leveling

EMS Monitoring

Monitor the pedestal and RV power from your mobile device. See faults as well as uptime graphs as well as, voltage, current, and frequency.

Pro Only

Lite and Pro

Pro Only

Meet the Family

Level Up Lite

  • Level Up Lite Module
  • 600mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • RV Leveling
  • USB External Power
  • Power Switch
  • Factory Reset Switch

Level Up Pro

  • Level Up Pro Module
  • 800 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • RV Leveling
  • EMS Monitoring
  • RV Battery Monitoring
  • USB and 12 V External Power
  • Power Switch
  • Factory Reset Switch

Getting Started in 1..2..3

1. Install the Module

2. Download the Application

Level Up App

3. Setup and Configure

The manual has everything you need to know about installing your Level Up module, EMS, all the wiring, and mounting recommendations

Download the mobile application from the app store for your respective mobile device. Level Up supports Apple and Android devices.

The Level Up application setup wizard appears automatically for any new RV detected.