9. Installation

9.1. Getting Started


We get it, your excited! But please take a few minutes to read the installation section of the manual before you get started. The installation is not difficult, but there are some precautions and recommendations you need to take, particularly with the installation of the Level Up Pro module with the Progressive Industries EMS module.

9.2. Tools Required




Phillips Head Screw Driver #2


Spirit Level and/or 24 inch or larger bubble level


Sharpie or Pencil


Measuring Tape (25’ to 50’)




Small cable ties


Wire Strippers


Wire Crimpers


Box Cutters


Electrical Tape


Large Flat Head Screw Driver


Needle Nose Plyers


Small jewelers flat head screw driver


9.3. Consumables



DC Wire (Two Conductor 22 AWG) - AlphaWire 1172C

6m (20 ft)

16-22 AWG Butt Connectors (red)


Inline Fuse Holder


2 AMP Fuse 5x20 mm glass fast blow


Electrical Tape or Heat Shrink




AlphaWire 1172C

www.digikey.ca, www.digikey.com, www.alphawire.com

2C 20 AWG Electrical Wire

www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.com


The DC wire gauge to connect the Level Up module to the trailers converter should be at least 22 gauge. The charge current for the Level Up module is limited to 220 mA. The specified wire gauge is based on a 12 volt DC supply, a maximum of 300 mA of current, an a two percent voltage drop margin over 20 feet of wire.

9.4. Mounting Consideration

When considerating an installation position for the Level Up Pro you will need to consider the location of the Progressive Industries EMS location. The Progressive Industries EMS module should be installed as close to the converter as possible, or if that is not an option as close to the power connector of your RV.

Other considerations when mounting the Level Up Module:

  • do you have easy access to Level Up module and your Progressive Industries EMS Module.

  • do you have easy access to a 12 VDC source for your Level Up Pro module or

  • do you have easy access to a 5 VDC power source for your Level Up Pro/Lite module

  • have you confirmed that you can connect to your Level Up module from your tow vehicle.

  • keep the module as close to the front of the RV as possible.

  • do not install the module under metal appliances that could block bluetooth signals

  • ensure that the location is easy to access, dry and out of the way.


The Level Up Pro can be powered from 12 VDC or USB so consider the closest alternative.


Installed in a 2020 EPro 19FD - Under the Stove

9.4.1. Bluetooth Range Expectations

Bluetooth is a short range radio protocol. The Level Up module uses a medium to high power device. Level Up is class 1.5 radio with a maximum theoretical range of 30 m (100ft). The chart below shows the different classes of devices.



The operating range of the Level Up module is 30m (100ft) is under ideal conditions. In real world conditions you can expect the actual range to be considerably less.

The reliability of the connection between your mobile device (in the cab of your tow vehicle) to the Level Up module installed in your RV will vary depending on the installation. We recommend that the Level Up module be installed as close to the front of the RV as possible. We recognize this may complicate the wiring between the Level Up module your Progressive Industries EMS.

For more detail on how the bluetooth range could affect your installation click here for the Bluetooth Range Calculations.

9.4.2. Test the Proposed Mounting Location

The simpliest way to check that the proposed mounting location of the Level Up Pro will result in a reliable connection is to hook the RV up to the tow vehicle and test it. Make sure the Level Up module is on and then go and sit in the cab of your truck with the windows up and the doors closed and ensure that you can connect and maintain a connection with the Level Up module. Discconect and try an reconnect a few times to ensure that the results are consistent.


If at some point during your testing you can no longer connect to the module and previous attempts were working fine, check to see if the Level Up Pro module is still on. Taping the module lightly with your finger should be enough to wake it back up.

9.5. Module Orientation

Regardless of the mounting orientation of the Level Up module it must be mounted either parallel or perpendicular to the side or the front of the RV. Modules that are mounted on an angled wall (red boxes and red boxes with black arrow) will function with reduced accuracy, or not function properly at all.


The Level Up module can be mounted in one of eight orientations. Four of the orientations require the module to be mounted with connectors facing the floor, there are two floor mount options and two under deck options.

The four vertical facing options are : (note in all cases the arrow on the case must point to the ceiling)

  • Label Facing Rear of RV

  • Label Facing Front of RV

  • Label Facing Drivers Side of RV

  • Label Facing Passenger Side of RV

The two floor mount options are :

  • Label facing the ceiling and the arrow on the label facing the front of the RV

  • Label facing the ceiling and the arrow on the label facing the rear of the RV

The two under deck options are :

  • Label facing the floor and the arrow on the label facing the front of the RV

  • Label facing the floor and the arrow on the label facing the rear of the RV

9.5.1. Vertical Orientation Options

There are four vertical options. All require the connectors to be face down and the orange arrow pointing to the trailers ceiling. The Level Up module label can be mounted with the arrow pointed to :

  • the front of the trailer

  • the rear of the trailer

  • the passenger side of the trailer or

  • the drivers side of the trailer.


Correct - Vertial Position - Ports Down


Incorrect - Vertical Position - Ports Up

9.5.2. Floor Mounted Options

There are also two floor mounting options for the Level Up module. The module must be mounted with the label facing the ceiling of the trailer with the orange arrow facing either the front of the trailer or the rear of the trailer.


Floor Mount - Label Facing the ceiling

9.5.3. Under Deck Mounted Options

There are also two under deck mounting options for the Level Up module. The module must be mounted with the label facing the floor of the trailer with the orange arrow facing either the front of the trailer or the rear of the trailer.


Under Deck Mount - Label Facing the floor

9.6. Mounting

It is important that regardless of the orientation of the mounted Level Up module that it be mounted parallel to either the left, right, front or rear of the trailer.

9.6.1. Mounting Holes


Metric Dimensions - mm


Imperial Dimensions - inches


Before mounting the Level Up module ensure you can see the other side of what your screwing into to ensure that you do not potentially damage electronics, nick or cut a wiring harness, or end up with a screw sticking out into the RV or and adjacent cabinet. If there is a concern about the mounting material being too thin, consider using a backer board to provide more stability. The backer board only needs to be 7” x 4.5” and a 1/8” to 1/4” inch thick ( 180 mm x 115 mm and 4 to 6 mm thick).

9.6.3. Spirit Level

When mounting the module using a level it is important to ensure that the trailer is level from front to back and left to right, Once the trailer is level and the Level Up module is level secure the module with the screws provided.


9.7. Cable Clearance

To allow for proper cable management and sufficient bend ratings on the cables please leave a minimum of 1.5” inches or 40 mm of space between the bottom of the Level Up module and the nearest obstruction.


9.8. Wiring Up Level Up

Depending on the Level Up module you purchased you will have a number of different connection to wire up. Level Up Lite modules have a single USB power port to keep the internal battery charged, where as the Level Up Pro version has two external power options, USB, or 12 VDC.


Level Up Pro Wiring

9.8.1. External Power - Pro Only

If you have decided to connect the Level Up Pro to 12 Volts either at the RV converter, directly to the battery, or at some other convientent 12 VDC source, the fuse holder should be as close to the source as possible. As noted in the diagram, there is no need to connect the USB and the 12 VDC external power. We would recommend connecting the Level Up module to the RV converter through 2C (two conductor) 22 gauge wire with an inline fuse.

The Level Up Pro has a built in fuse that will automatically reset. The maximum current draw for the 12 VDC charger built into Level Up Pro is 250 mA.


Wiring - External 12 VDC Power


Double check the wiring in your RV for the selected 12 VDC source before connecting up the Level Up Pro module. In RV and marine installations black is 12 VDC and white is ground. Use a multimeter to confirm the polarity of the wiring. While reversing the wiring will not affect the Level Up module as it will automatically switch polarity, it does affect the protection afforded by the fuse. You will want to ensure that the fuse is on the 12 VDC lead not the ground wire.

9.8.2. USB Power - Lite/Pro


Level Up Lite Wiring

The Level Up Lite and Pro modules can also be powered/charged with a standard USB-B cable. The USB cable supplies 5 VDC to the Level Up Lite/Pro module. The charger must be able to supply a minimum of 500mA (0.5 AMPS) or Level Up will never fully charge. The maximum charge current of Level Up module is around 250 mA.


USB Sources:

  • Existing USB connector already in RV

  • 12 VDC to USB adapter - not included

  • Portable Battery Pack (not recommended)


NEVER cut the USB-A connector off the USB cable and connect it to a 12 VDC power source. You will permanently damage the Level Up module, the battery or both. There is a small risk of starting a fire if you connect the Level Up module to 12 VDC through the USB connector.


Connecting the Level Up Pro through USB can simplify the installation, however it should be noted that you will loose the ability to view the RV battery state through the Level Up application.

9.8.3. Data Connections (Pro Only)

Once the module is mounted, you’ll need to make a number of data connections. If you have your Progressive Industries EMS installed connect the EMS module RJ-11 to the EMS-M connection on the level Up module. Take the RJ-11 cable supplied with Level Up and connect one end into the EMS-D connector in the Level Up module and the other end into the Progressive Industries remote display.


The EMS will work even if the EMS-M and EMS-D cables are reversed. When making the data connections ensure that the EMS Line side is not powered. (see page 5 of the Progressive Industries Instruction Manual for more information)


Cable Name





Progressive Industries EMS Module



Progressive Industries EMD Display Module

12 VDC


RV Converter, Water Pump, RV Batteries, other 12 VDC appliances



Existing USB power connector in RV

9.9. Battery Installation

The battery is shipped installed in the module. However for Level Up modules that do not have a power switch will be shipped with a battery isolating pull tab that must be removed before the unit will turn on. You can remove the tab without the need to remove the battery. Simply remove the four screws from the front of the Level Up module. The pull tab is installed on the positive terminal of the battery. Pull out the tab and replace the top cover and reinsert the four mounting screws. If you Level Up module is equipped with a power switch, there is no need to remove the cover, simply slide the switch to the on position.


If the battery is removed for any reason,you need to ensure that the orientation of the battery is correct before snapping it in place. The PKCELL batteries have a black patterned band around the battery indicating the negative terminal. The positive end of the battery has a small indentation. The Negative and Positive side of the battery holder is clearly marked of the PCB.


If the battery is installed correctly the PWR indicator will light up after a couple of seconds. If you set the board down for a while with the battery installed Level Up will go to sleep automatically and the PWR indicator will turn off. You can now replace the cover and reinsert the four machine screws to secure the PCB into the case. The screws should be snug but do not over torque the screws.


The Level Up module cannot run without the battery installed, even if the external power (12VDC or USB) is connected. External power is for charging the battery only, not for running the device.