7. Product Identification

7.1. Label

The label on the front of the Level Up module contains all the relevant info on the module. The QR code of the label will take you to the quick start quide in the help.


  1. MDL = Product Model - Level Up-Lite or Level Up-Pro

  2. HDW = Hardware Revisions

  3. SKU = Shop Keeping Unit - See SKU section below.

  4. MFD = Manufacturing date (YYWW)

  5. PIN = Default Security pin

YY = year
WW = Week of Year

7.2. SKU

To identify your specific device use the product identification chart below. The identification code can be found on the front label of the Level Up module. It will be necessary to identify your module in the event of a warranty claim. We would recommend taking a picture of the label and storing it in a safe place before installing the Level Up module in your trailer.