1. Introduction


We recognize that there are a number of different trailer leveling and EMS monitoring solutions on the market, so we thank you for purchasing Level Up. Level Up was designed to be easy to use, accurate and reliable. We believe you will find Level Up to be a time saving tool that will make your vacation more comfortable and reduce setup time allowing you to get to the things you enjoy faster.

We have field tested Level Up ourselves in the field, as well as with friends and family for over a year. There have been countless changes to the hardware, firmware and the mobile application to make it easier to setup, use and navigate. As always we welcome your feedback, as the product can always be improved.

If the size of the manual is a bit over whelming we would recommend that you concentrate on the installation of the Level Up Pro module, download the application and read through the calibration section. You can always go back and refer to the manual later to familiarize yourself with the other features. While the manual may be long, the installation of the Level Up module and the mobile application were designed to be easy to use.


If you have noticed that we have omitted something from the manual or you find the content confusioning or unclear, please let us know by dropping an email to support@sigmaiq.ca.


The Level Up module is not water proof or water resistent. The module should never be installed outside, or in a compartment that is not water tight. The Level Up module is an IP 00 device.