oneView can display temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Select your preferred temperature units from the drop down box. Note: Native units for temperature measurements in Level Up are degrees Celsius. If you choose Fahrenheit in the mobile application the degrees Celsius is converted using the formula below:

\[Fahrenheit = (Celsius *(9/5)) + 32\]

Distance Units

oneView allows you to set your preferred Distance units. oneView supports:

  • inches

  • mm

  • cm


The oneView application Internally converts all measurements regardless of the distance unit type selected is always converted to mm. This can in some rare instances lead to some small rounding errors.


The resolution setting is used to avoid the leveling screen from oscillating from red (not level) to green (level) whenever the Level Up module detects a small change (i.e. someone waking through the trailer). The resolution setting is the minimum amount of change the trailer needs to move either side to side or front to back before the level screen updates.

When the distance units is set to inches the resolution options are :

  • 0.25”

  • 0.50”

  • 0.75” (recommended)

  • 1.00”

When the distance units are set to mm the resolution options are :

  • 05.0 mm

  • 10.0 mm

  • 20.0 mm (recommended)

  • 25.0 mm

When the distance units are set to cm the resolution options are :

  • 0.5 cm

  • 1.0 cm

  • 2.0 cm (recommended)

  • 2.5 cm


As Level Up stores all distance measurements in mm, the resolution may not be exact for all unit types. For example if you set the units to inches and choose 1.00” as the resolution, the oneView actually converts the 1.00” and stores it as 25 mm not 25.4 mm. The table below shows the measurement resolution “error”:

Max Unit Errors Between Metric and Imperial

Resolution Settings (inches)

Converted from inches to mm

Actual Resolution Used (mm)

Error (mm)

















It is important to note that the error is not compounded as a function of length or width of the trailer. The resolution setting is only used as hysteresis to prevent the Level State screen from oscillating between level (green) and not level (red) when for example someone is walking through the trailer.